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Ambiguous Productions is the promotional wing of johnfeodorov.com.

Since 1996, Ambiguous Productions has been involved with video production, coordinating art events and the recording and promotion of John Feodorov's art and music projects.


The Almost Faithful Indie art/pop featuring the talents of Kyung Lee: vocals, Kurt Keydel: guitar, Hal Deranek: bass, James Lord: drums, and John Feodorov: guitar.

Artists W/ Issues (Songs for Agnostics and the People Who Love Them) John Feodorov's newest solo project!!!

Ecce Hobo (Where the Devil Dances) Art pop from John Feodorov, Paul Amiel, Mark Reynolds and Amanda Sloane. Available through CD Baby! Also check out new songs from Ecce Hobo's mini "opera", "Balloon Man".

Skinwalkers (Self-titled) World-Music-influenced melodic pop. Produced by Lori Goldston. Available through cdbaby.com.

Fishmagic (The History of the United States as Performed by Fishmagic) art-music project from John Feodorov and Paul Amiel that investigates the imagined history of the USA. Available only as a CD-R. (Site under construction.)

3 Heroic Acts - Hear samples from the aborted "opera" by Paul Amiel and John Feodorov (AKA Fishmagic), loosely based upon the Epic of Gilgamesh and the mythologized life of Bill Gates.

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Songs for Agnostics and the People Who Love Them

Where the Devil Dances


The History of the United States as Performed by Fishmagic


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